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Cassia Vera (Indonesia Cinnamon)

Belonging to the Lauraceous family, Cassia Vera is the stem bark of the evergreen bush native to Indonesia. This reddish brown bark is peeled away from the bush in the form of quills which are then dried and cut to size / into thin strips or ground into powder. 

Cassia Vera from Indonesia has aromatic sensory qualities similar to its counterpart in Sri Lanka. It contains essential oil (mainly cinnamic aldehyd) but does not contain eugenol. Indonesian Cassia Vera is normally found in West Sumatra in the region of the city of Padang.

After harvesting, Cassia Vera is brought to our processing warehouse in Indonesia where cleaning, drying, sorting, processing and packaging into different qualities takes place.

Cassia Vera from Indonesia

PT. Naval Overseas
are processors and exporters of cassia vera from Indonesia and can supply all grades of the same.


Cassia vera from Indonesia is mainly shipped to Europe, India, Taiwan, Canada, USA & Korea. Its grey bark layer is scrapped & cleaned, only exist of yellow inner layer.


It has a sweet fragrance, hot spicy, high oil content & it is used for decoration, cooking food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries etc.

Damar Batu

Damar Batu is petrified natural resin of ancient shorean trees. It is much harder than other resins. It has brown and black colors with various sizes (from 1 cm to 20 cm). The resin is obtained through collection of the hardened resin exudates lying below the ground in fossilized form,  close to the tree roots. The collected resin is then cleaned to remove mud and dirt residue and then sun dried.

We supply of all grade of Damar Batu, like, Bombay quality, Calcutta quality.

We are able to offer various high-quality grades of Damar Batu direct from the source to fulfill our clients' needs. 


Inks, Polishes, Varnishes, water resistant coatings, injection moulding materials, for caulking boats and  baskets, incense, natural mosquito repellant  and Ayurvedic medicine etc.

Damar Batu

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